Applied Research in Education
The Initiative for Applied Education Research
The Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities
The Ministry of Education
Yad Hanadiv (Rothschild Foundation)

The aim of the Initiative for Applied Education Research is to develop the field of user-inspired education research in Israel, research that would be helpful to decision-makers in their efforts to improve education achievement.

The Initiative was launched in 2003 by the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, the Israel Ministry of Education, and the Rothschild Foundation (Yad Hanadiv).

 The Initiative’s Steering Committee is appointed by the President of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities. Leading Israeli scholars and experts participate in the Initiative’s committees on a voluntary basis, and both local and international experts are involved in its seminars, conferences, and peer review processes.
The Initiative seeks to promote multidisciplinary, user-oriented research that is based on data, provides support to education decision-makers, and meets high academic standards.
The Initiative consults with senior Education Ministry officials regarding topics to be promoted and specific questions to address.


Early Childhood Education (ECE), ages 3 to 8: The interdisciplinary expert committee on this topic, chaired by Prof. Pnina Klein of Bar-Ilan University.
The committee has published its report "From Research to Practice in Early Childhood Education" To view and download the Executive Summary of the Report (in English)>>

At the behest of the Director of the National Authority for Measurement and Evaluation in Education, an investigative panel, headed by Prof. Zvia Breznitz of the University of Haifa, has been formed to survey and analyze existing tools and needs regarding diagnosis, assessment, and evaluation in ECE, and to suggest a framework for continuous improvement in the field.

Challenging the top 20 percent of students: Following a call for proposals, two research grants were awarded on a peer-review basis. In autumn 2005, the Initiative held a seminar on this topic for researchers, practitioners, and other interested parties. The Initiative is assisting the head of the Department for Talented and Gifted Students in the Ministry of Education in designing a model for a database to serve the needs of the department and of other units in the Ministry, as well as the research community.

The school and its principal as a functional educational unit: Following a call for proposals and a review process, it was decided not to award a research grant in this area.

Language and literacy: As a concrete result of talks with the management of the Ministry of Education, a professional advisory committee has been formed to survey extant knowledge as well as knowledge gaps regarding language and literacy and the teaching of both, and to suggest ways to narrow the gaps. Chaired by Prof. Ruth Berman of Tel Aviv University, it began working in spring 2006, focusing initially on reading comprehension in Hebrew and in Arabic.
To view and download The Constitutive Document of the committee >>
In response to the need raised by senior Education Ministry officials, the committee is spearheading a Project to Enhance Research and Development Capacity with Respect to Teaching Arabic to Native Speakers in Israel. Download the file  in English>>   in Hebrew>>
مشروع لرعاية كادر مختصين في بحث وتطوير  تدريس اللغة العربية كلغة أم في إسرائيل

In February 2008, the Initiative held a symposium entitled "Spoken and Written Language in a Diglossic Context: Implications for Literacy Acquisition in Arabic".
View the symposium schedule, abstracts, brief bios

Assessment and Evaluation in Education: An expert committee was formed on this topic. After holding a series of seminars in the winter of 2004/05, the committee proposed a framework for curricula for academic studies and professional development programs.
The Initiative convened an intensive summer institute on “Evaluating Effectiveness in Education” (Summer 2006), led by Prof. Robert Boruch of the University of Pennsylvania. 

Education Indicators: Following study sessions by officials and researchers in education and public administration (health management and social work/social services) headed by the President of the Academy, an expert committee chaired by Prof. Moshe Justman of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev is being formed. In keeping with remarks made at the study sessions by representatives of the Ministry of Education, RAMA, and the Central Bureau of Statistics, the committee will proposed guidelines for refreshing the system of education indicators.
To view and download the committee’s background material>>
To view and download the Calls for scientific surveys for the purpose of reconstituting the system of educational indicators used in Israel (2007) (in Hebrew)>>
פנייה לציבור >>                   
 A Call for Public Participation >>
 بيان للجمهور >>

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