Adams Fellowships

The Adams Fellowships Program was established jointly by Mr. Marcel Adams of Canada and the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities to provide financial assistance to outstanding doctoral students in the exact sciences, mathematics and the life sciences. Since its inception in spring 2005, the program has been administered by the Academy and underwritten by Mr. Adams.


The Adams Fellowships website:


Adams Fellowships are granted annually to up to ten graduate students at the beginning of their doctoral studies, for a period of up to four consecutive years. The candidates are proposed by their institutions of higher learning.  Usually they have completed their first year of studies before receiving the fellowship, either on a direct doctoral track or after completion of a second degree. The Fellows are fully exempt from tuition and receive fellowships of US $27,000/year. In addition, $3,000 are provided yearly for active participation in international conferences and workshops abroad, or for laboratory study abroad or for international scientific collaboration or to interview for a postdoctoral position, provided the trip is likely to contribute meaningfully to the Fellow’s scientific career.

Adams Fellows are provided with the opportunity to connect with one another and to build a "community of young scientists" of their own.  This is done through various meetings, guest lectures by prominent scientists, annual conferences and seminars with the participation of Mr. Marcel Adams (who comes from Canada to confer the fellowships to the new winners) in which the Fellows of all classes meet.

Guest lecturers at the Adams Seminars were Prof. Yisrael Aumann, Prof. Ada Yonath, Prof. Moty Heiblum, Prof. Michael Rabin, Prof. Reshef Tenne and the son of Mr. Adams, Dr. Julian Adams, who lectured on the development of his drug Velcade, for the treatment of skin cancer. The guest lecture in July was Prof. Aaron Ciechanover and we celebrated Mr. Adams' 93rd birthday!

On December 4, 2012 the second informal meeting of Adams Fellows was held as part the effort to enable researchers of various universities and diversified disciplines meet one another and form a scientific community under the Academy's auspices.  The Field Trip included a visit to the Soreq Nuclear Research Center.  After a tour of the center, there was a lecture on Medical Nuclear Research and a tour of the Saraf.  Following lunch at the High Tech Industrial Park in Rehovot , the group toured the Ayalon Institute at Givat Hakibbutzim in Rehovot, which served as a secret weapons factory before the establishment of the State of Israel.  The Fellows considered the day a huge success and these field trips are now a tradition of the program.


The Fifth Annual Adams Conference was held at the Academy on January 14, 2013.  Prof. Arnon greeted the students.  The guest speakers were Prof. Idan Segev of the Hebrew University who lectured on "The Human Brain Project", Academy Member Prof. Asher Koriat, who lectured on "How We Know That We Know?", Academy Member Prof. Zvi Ben-Avraham who lectured on "The Dead Sea Fault: a Unique Global Site" and Adams Fellow Oded Berger-Tal, who lectured on "Confronting Novel Environments: The Trade-off Between Exploration and Exploitation".


At last year's conference, the Fellows expressed their wish for a special Adams Fellowship Website.  They believe that such a website, under the auspices of the Academy, will lend esteem to their Fellowships and will make them known on the internet.  The website is now in the air!


This year 10 new Adams Fellows were chosen.  They received their certificates from Mr. Adams in July, and began their fellowships in October 2013.  Assaf Manor, one of the new Fellows, is the first of the second generation of Fellows!  He is the doctoral student in nanotechnology at the Technion of Dr. Carmel Rotschild, himself a Fellow of the second class (2006-2007). 


The Fellowship Program has 56 alumni.  Ten of them have reintegrated into academia at Israel's universities following their postdoctoral training and 7 went to industry or set up high-tech start-ups in Israel.  The others are still gaining experience abroad.


The Adams Fellowship Program deserves Congratulations!  On Passover 2013  the First Adams Baby was born - a boy named Gideon (Gidi), son of Yoav Lahini from the class of 2010-2011 and Daphne Nahmani of the class of 2011-2012.

The Adams Fellows for 2005-2006 are:
Ms. Yael Eshed, Weizmann Institute, Life Science
Mr. Nathan Keller, Hebrew University, Mathematics
Mr. Tal Lev Ami Halevi, Tel-Aviv University, Computer Science
Mr. Raz Palty, Ben-Gurion University, Life Science
Mr. Sharon Schwartz, The Technion, Physics

The Adams Fellows for 2006-2007 are:
Mr. Haim Beidenkopf , Weizmann Institute, Physics
Ms. Liat Benmoyal-Segal, Hebrew University, Neurobiology
Ms. Yael Elbaz, Hebrew University ,Biological Chemistry
Ms. Olga Kheronsky, Weizmann Institute, Biological Chemistry
Ms. Dana Moshkovitz , Weizmann Institute, Math and Computer Science
Mr. Ariel Procaccia, Hebrew University, Computer Science
Mr. Carmel Rotschild, The Technion, Physics
Mr. Ofer Shayevitz, Tel-Aviv University, Electrical Engineering
Mr. Amir Shlomai, Weizmann Institute, Molecular Genetics
Ms. Noam Stern, Hebrew University, Immunology


The Adams Fellows for 2007-2008 are:
Mr. Avraham Ben-Aroya, Tel-Aviv University, Computer Science
Mr. Shai Carmi, Bar-Ilan University Physics
Mr. Chen Davidovich,  Weizmann Institute, Chemistry, Structural Biology
Mr. Shahar Dobzinski, Hebrew University, Computer Science
Mr. Moshe Goldstein, Bar-Ilan University, Physics
Mr. Amir Goren, Tel-Aviv University, Human Genetics and Biochemistry
Mr. Dan Hermelin, Haifa University, Computer Science
Mr. Yoav Lahini, Weizmann Institute, Physics
Mr. Guy Ron, Tel-Aviv University, Nuclear Physics
Mr. Avi Saig, Weizmann Institute, Neurobiology and Life Sciences
Mr. Sasha Sodin, Tel-Aviv University, Mathematics

The Adams Fellows for 2008-2009 are:

Ms. Keren Censor, The Technion, Computer Science
Mr. Emanuele Dalla Torre, Weizmann Institute, Physics & Condensed Matter
Mr. Noam Gross, Bar-Ilan University, Physics
Mr. Ishay Haviv, Tel-Aviv University, Computer Science
Mr. Amir Ingber, Tel-Aviv University, Electrical Engineering
Mr. Mor M. Peretz, Ben-Gurion University, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Mr. Michael Orlov, Ben-Gurion University, Computer Science
Mr. Eran Segev, The Technion, Electrical Engineering
Mr. Gil Segev, Weizmann Institute, Computer Science
Ms. Reut Shema, Weizmann Institute, Neurobiology

The Adams Fellows for 2009-2010 are:
Mr. Monther Abu-Remaileh, Hebrew University, Human Genetics
Mr. Danny Ben-Zvi, Weizmann Institute, Molecular Genetics
Mr. Oded Berger-Tal, Ben-Gurion University, Desert Ecology
Mr. Ronen Gabizon, Hebrew University, Chemistry
Mr. Alex Hayat, The Technion, Electrical Engineering
Ms. Efrat Mashiach, Tel-Aviv University, Computer Science
Mr. Or Meir, Weizmann Institute, Computer Science & Applied Mathematics
Mr. Moshe Mishali, The Technion, Electrical Engineering
Mr. Uri Roll, Tel-Aviv University, Zoology
Ms. Sivan Sabato, Hebrew University, Computer Science
Ms. Efrat Shema, Weizmann Institute, Molecular Cell Biology

The Adams Fellows for 2010-2011 are:

Ms. Avital Adler, Hebrew University, Neural Computation
Mr. Leonid Barenboim, Ben-Gurion University,Computer Science
Mr. Arren Bar-Even, Weizmann Institute, Plant Sciences
Mr. Omer Bobrowski,The Technion, Electrical Engineering
Mrs. Ronit Bustin, The Technion, Electrical Engineering
Mr. Klim Efremenko, Tel-Aviv University, Computer Science       
Mr. Yoav Livneh, Hebrew University, Neurobiology   
Mr. Itai Roffman, Haifa University, Evolution
Mr. Yoav Rosenberg, Ben-Gurion University, Geology
Mr. Osip Schwartz, Weizmann Institute, Physics
Ms. Adi Sheinfeld, Tel-Aviv University, Electrical Engineering 
Ms. Avital Swisa, Hebrew University, Cell Biochemistry

The Adams Fellows for 2011-2012 are:

Mr. Dmitry Batenkov, Weizmann Institute, Mathematics
Mr. Avi Braun, Ben-Gurion University, Desert Research
Ms. Sophia Buhbut, Bar-Ilan University, Chemistry
Mr. Amir Erez, Ben-Gurion University, Physics
Ms. Daphne Nachmani, Hebrew University, Immunology
Mr. Amir Nevet, The Technion, Electrical Engineering
Mr. Doron Puder, Hebrew University, Mathematics
Mr. Eran Small, Weizmann Institute, Physics
Ms. Hadas Soifer, Weizmann Institute, Physics
Mr. Amir Wand, Hebrew University, Chemistry

The Adams Fellows for 2012-2013 are:

Ms. Tslil Ast, Weizmann Institute, Molecular Genetics
Mr. Assaf Ben Moshe, Tel-Aviv University, Chemical Physics
Ms. Miri Krupkin, Weizmann Institute, Structural Biology
Mr. Nir Lazarovich, The Technion, Mathematics
Mr. Or Ordentlich, Tel-Aviv University, Electrical Engineering
Mr. Liel Sapir, Hebrew University, Chemistry
Mr. David Tsivion, Weizmann Institute, Chemistry
Mr. Erez Zohar, Tel-Aviv University, Physics

The Adams Fellows for 2013-2014 are:

Mr. Ariel Afek, Ben-Gurion University, Chemistry
Mr. Yoav Bauman, Hebreew University, Immunology
Mr. Ronen Dar, Tel-Aviv University, Electrical Engineering
Ms. Anna Frishman, Weizmann Institute, Physics of Complex Systems
Ms. Livnat Jerby Arnon, Tel-Aviv University, Computer Science
Mr. Assaf Manor, The Technion, Mechanical Engineering
Ms. Sivan Refaely-Abramson, Weizmann Institute, Materials and Interfaces
Mr. Liran Rotem, Tel-Aviv University, Mathematics
Mr. Eitan Schechtman, Hebrew University, Neural Computation
Mr. Avishay Tal, Weizmann Institute, Computer Science

The Academy's Steering and Approval Committee,  is currently headed by Prof. Amiram Grinvald. The committee maintains the highest standards. There is no allocation by institution, and decisions are based solely on excellence in science.