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An evening in memory of Academy Member Prof. Hillel Daleski marking the first anniversary of his passing

Took place on Thursday, December 15, 2011 at The Academy
Date & Time: 15/12/2011
Location: Albert Einstein Square
43 Jabotinsky St., Jerusalem
Prof. Ruth Nevo, Member of the Academy
Opening Remarks

Prof. Meir Sternberg, Tel Aviv University
Eating of the Tree of Knowledge

Prof. Shuli Barzilai, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Ways of Seeing Pieter Brueghel’s “Hunters in the Snow”: From the Art of Epiphany to Ekphrastic Expression

Prof. Leona Toker, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Literary Pragmatics: The Addressivity of H. W. Auden’s “Spain”

Shlomith Rimmon-Kenan, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Discipline and Interdisciplinarity, or: Is Interdisciplinarity Possible?

The evening will be in English
RSVP: Ms. Cochi Maimaran Tel.:02-5676240, contact page