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A special meeting of the “Contact Center” on Reintegration into Israel´s Academia

The event, which included a job fair and lectures, took place on December 30th, 2013, in Jerusalem; Watch the presentations
Date & Time: 30/12/2013
A special meeting of the “Contact Center” of the Israel National Academy of Sciences and Humanities, on the subject of reintegrating Israeli researchers, mostly from abroad, into Israel’s Academia, took place on December 30th 2013, In Jerusalem.
The event included a job-fair for interested researchers, which featured individual stands of each academic university or college and lectures by all the relevant organizations aiming to assist Israeli scientists who wish to return to Israel (for more information press here)
Watch the presentations (in Hebrew) on the Academy´s YouTube channel:

Dr. Liat Maoz | The Council for Higher Education
Prof. Yona Chen | Chairman of VARAM
Dr. Nurit Eyal | Ministry of Economics
Omri Ingber | Director of the Center for Absorption in Science
Smadar Hirsh | ISERD
To watch the panel discussion (in Hebrew) press here

Since its establishment in May 2007, the Contact Center helped more than 430 Israeli researchers who lived abroad find faculty positions in Israel’s Academia and return home.