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A conference in memory of Academy member Prof. David Schmeidler

Date & Time:
Wednesday, January 18, 2023, at 16:00 (15:30 Gathering)
Location: The Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, 43 Jabotinsky St., Jerusalem and online on this page
The Israel Academy held a lecture evening on Tuesday, January 18, 2023, honoring the memory of Prof. David Shmeidler, who passed away March 17, 2022. Eight participants from Israel and abroad participated in the event, including a representative of the family. The academic lectures presented different fields of economic theory to which Prof. Shmeidler contributed in the course of his academic career, which extended over five and a half decades. The first speaker was Prof. Robert John Aumann, a recipient of the Nobel Prize in economics, of whom Shmeidler had been a student, and the final lecture was given by Dr. Shiri Alon Eron, the youngest of Shmeidler’s own students.