The Contact Center's 5th Annual Conference (Presentations and Videos)
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Annual Conferences - Lectures & Presentations

The Contact Center's 5th Annual Conference (Presentations and Videos)

December 2014

1. Dr. Meir Zadok and Academy President Professor Ruth Arnon - Greetings
2. Ms. Noa Binstein, Substitute Head of Projects Unit, The Department of Planning and Budgeting Projects, The Council for Higher Education, on "Absorption in the Higher Education System"
3. Dr. Nurit Eyal, Director, Israel National Brain Gain Program, on "Services for Those Returning to Academia"
4. Mr. Omri Ingber, Director of the Center for Absorption in Science, The Ministry of Immigrant Absorption, on "Services for Returning Researchers"
5. Ms. Smadar Hirsh, Director of Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions; ERC; and Social Sciences, ISERD – The Israel-Europe R&D Directorate, on "Program Benefits"
6. Ms. Monika Lev-Cohen, CEO of BioAbroad, The Forum of all Israeli Scientists Abroad, on "Bring Back talent and Keep Ties!"
7. Ms. Rochelle Avitan, Fellowship Program Manager of the Azrieli Foundation, on "The New Azzrieli Faculty Fellowships for Reintegration into Academia"