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Annual Conferences - Lectures & Presentations

The Contact Center's 7th Annual Conference (Presentations and Videos)

December 2016

Prof. Nili Cohen, Academy President:
Mr. Zohar Zisapel, Founder of RAD Data Communications (presentation):
Prof. Mordechai (Moti) Segev:
Prof. Yaffa Zilbershatz, Chair of VATAT (presentation):
Panel discussion with the rectors of Israel's Universities:
Prof. Shlomo Grossman:
Panel disccusion - Opportunities in Industry:
Dr. Nurit Eyal:
Panel of Rectors and Vice Presidents: (left to right) Prof. Yaffa Zilbershats, Chair of Vatat, Moderator;
Prof. Asher Cohen, Rector, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Prof. Hagit Attiya, Executive VP for
Academic Affairs, The Technion; Prof. Yoav Henis, Vice President for R&D, Tel Aviv University; Prof. Michal
Neeman, VP, The Weizmann Institute; Prof. Zvi HaCohen, Rector, Ben-Gurion University;
Prof. Miriam Faust, Rector, Bar-Ilan University; Prof. Gustavo Mesch, Rector, University of Haifa;
Prof. Aviad Heifetz, Executive VP for Academic Affairs, The Open University; Prof. Michael Zinigrad, Rector,
Ariel University
Prof. Nili Cohen at Career Fair with Batsheva Shor, Galia Finzi and Dr. Meir Zadok
Institutions of Central Israel: Bar-Ilan and Tel-Aviv Universities 
Israel Aerospace Industries at Career Fair for High-Tech and Bio-Tech
Keynote Speaker Mr. Zohar Zisapel, Founder of RAD Data on Conducting Scientific Research in Industry
Prof. Moti Segev, Academy Member, The Technion, on Being a Scientist in Israel
Prof. Shlomo Grossman, Chair, Committee of College Presidents, on Teaching & Research in Academic