Issue no. 21
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Issue no. 21

Issue no. 21
The Bulletin of the Israeli Academic Center in Cairo
No. 21, July 1997
Special Issue: The Cairo Genizah: One Hundred Years of Discovery and Research
Director’s Note, by Sasson Somekh
Cairo Genizah Treasures and Their Contribution to Historiography, by Menahem Ben-Sasson
Unveiling the Jewish Past: An Encounter between Arabic Historiography and a Medieval Hebrew Document, by Shulamit Sela
Translation of Proper Names in Medieval Judeo-Arabic Translations of the Bible, by Yosef Tobi
Arabic Documents in the Cairo Genizah, by Geoffrey Khan
Interfaith Relations as Reflected in the Genizah Documents, by Paul B. Fenton
Bible Translations and Word-Lists in the Cairo Genizah, by Meira Polliack
The Impact of the Cairo Genizah Documents on the Study of the History of Arabic, by Benjamin Hary
In Arabic:
Removing the “New Genizah” Papers from Basateen Cemetery, by Nabawi Serag
The Cairo Genizah: Its Discovery and Historical Significance, by Mark R. Cohen
Cover Illustration: Part of a hymn with ancient Jewish musical notation, in the handwriting of the converted Norman priest Ovadiah haGer (T-S K 5.41: Egypt, early twelfth century)
Director: Sasson Somekh; Managing Editor: Deborah Greniman; Production Supervisor: Gideon Stern
The Bulletin is a publication of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities and the Israel Oriental Society