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Academy member Prof. Yonina Eldar to Co-Chair Expert Panel of IAP’s COVID‐19 Advisory Group

Academy member Prof. Yonina Eldar will serve as one of three Co‐Chairs of an Expert Panel of the InterAcademy Partnership (IAP)’s COVID‐19 Advisory Group, and Academy member Prof. Eyal Benvenisti will serve as a member of the Advisory Group.
The goal of this multi‐disciplinary group, which is being launched in July, is to provide a mechanism for other academies, national governments or others to obtain reliable information related to COVID‐19 and its implications in different countries. The Co‐chairs will be responsible for reviewing queries from IAP member academies and deciding on best way to respond. In this regard, the Co‐chairs will work closely with the IAP Secretariat and Steering Committee, as well as an Expert Panel of about 20 academy‐nominated members of diverse expertise from around the world.