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The Academy congratulates Academy President Prof. David Harel and Academy Member Prof. Itamar Willner upon their election as Foreign Members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

In a rare honor for Israeli science, two members of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities – Academy president Prof. David Harel and former Chair of the Sciences Division Prof. Itamar Willner - have been elected Foreign Members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
They were selected for their internationally recognized scientific achievements and contributions to science and technology in China.
Election to the Chinese Academy of Sciences is one of the highest honors that China bestows on a citizen of a foreign country. The Chinese Academy of Sciences elects new academicians and foreign members every two years. Currently, there are only two other Israeli researchers who are foreign members – Nobel Prize Laureates and Academy Members Prof. Aaron Ciechanover and Prof. Avram Hershko.
Prof. David Harel                                       Prof. Itamar Willner