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Former Academy President Professor Nili Cohen Attends ALLEA General Assembly in Brussels

Professor Nili Cohen, former President of The Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, attended the convention of the General Assembly of All European Academies (ALLEA) in Brussels on May 11–12, 2022. The Israel Academy is a founding member of ALLEA, which connects and coordinates the national academies of Europe.
At the convention, Professor Cohen met with Professor Antonio Loprieno, President of ALLEA. She also gave a presentation, in a session devoted to young academies, about the importance of the Israel Young Academy and the significant contribution it makes.
In a session on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in Science Advice, Professor Cohen discussed the Israel Academy’s obligation to advise the government on science policy and the preparation of the Academy’s Report on Sustainable Well-Being in Israel.
During Professor Cohen’s visit to Brussels, she met with Professor Jūras Banys, President of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences, who expressed his willingness to facilitate the forthcoming joint conference of the Lithuanian Academy and the Israel Academy, which is slated to be held in Vilnius. Professor Cohen also met with Professor Sir Robin Grimes, Foreign Secretary of the British Royal Society.
From left to right: Professor Antonio Loprieno, President of ALLEA, Professor Nili Cohen, former President of The Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities