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Joshua Blau – in Memoriam
Editor(s): Simon Hopkins
Publication Date: 2023
Language(s): Hebrew
Online Price: 20 NIS 18.00 NIS
An Offering to Moshe
Editor(s): Emanuel Tov
Publication Date: 2022
Language(s): Hebrew
Online Price: 70 NIS 63.00 NIS
Notes on R. Saadya Gaon's Translation of the Torah
Part I: Genesis
Author(s): Joshua Blau
Publication Date: 2019
Language(s): Hebrew, Judaeo-Arabic
Online Price: 80 NIS 72.00 NIS
Language Change and Variation
Editor(s): Ruth A. Berman
Publication Date: 2019
Language(s): Hebrew
Online Price: 100 NIS 90.00 NIS
Gideon Goldenberg – In Memoriam
Editor(s): Ariel Shisha-Halevy
Publication Date: 2016
Language(s): English, Hebrew
The Logika of the Judaizers
A Fifteenth-Century Ruthenian Translation from Hebrew
Author(s): Moshe Taube
Publication Date: 2016
Language(s): English, Slavic and Hebrew
Online Price: 450 NIS 405.00 NIS
Abstract Principles and Stories Told
Studies in Semitic Linguistics
Editor(s): Yohanan Friedmann
Publication Date: 2013
Language(s): Hebrew
Online Price: 70 NIS 63.00 NIS
Language, Ritual and Poetics in Ancient India and Iran
Editor(s): David Shulman
Publication Date: 2010
Language(s): English, French
Online Price: 180 NIS 162.00 NIS
Egyptian, Semitic and General Grammar
Editor(s): Gideon Goldenberg, Ariel Shisha-Halevy
Publication Date: 2009
Language(s): English, German
Online Price: 230 NIS 207.00 NIS
A Dictionary of Mediaeval Judaeo-Arabic Texts
Author(s): Joshua Blau
Publication Date: 2006
Language(s): Hebrew, Judaeo-Arabic and English
Al-muršīd al-kāfī: The Lexicon of Tanḥūm ben Yosef Hayerushalmi to the Mishné tora of Maimonides
Author(s): Hadassa Shy
Publication Date: 2005
Language(s): Hebrew and Judaeo-Arabic
Online Price: 360 NIS 324.00 NIS
Le Glossaire de Leipzig
Author(s): Menahem Banitt
Publication Date: 2005
Language(s): French and Hebrew
Online Price: 200 NIS 180.00 NIS
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