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Studies in Honor of Shaul Shaked

Series: Studies in the Humanities
The present volume is based on lectures delivered at a symposium organized by the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities on the occasion of the eightieth birthday of Professor Shaul Shaked.

Contents: Michael Shenkar, ‘The Scholarly Oeuvre of Shaul Shaked, 1: Shaul Shaked and the Study of Zoroastrianism’; Ofir Haim, ‘The Scholarly Oeuvre of Shaul Shaked, 2: Shaul Shaked and the Study of Judeo-Persian’; Yuval Harari, ‘The Scholarly Oeuvre of Shaul Shaked, 3: Shaul Shaked on Jewish Magic’; Moshe Idel, ‘From Iran to Qumran and Beyond: On the Evil Thought of God’; Gideon Bohak, ‘Babylonian Jewish Magic in Late Antiquity: Beyond the Incantation Bowls’; Geoffrey Herman, ‘Holy Relics in Mata Meḥasya: Christians and Jews after the Muslim Conquest of Babylonia’; Sara Sviri, ‘Questions and Answers: A Literary Dialogue between al-Ḥakῑm al-Tirmidhῑ and Ibn al-ꜤArabῑ’; Julia Rubanovich, ‘The Medieval Persian Author on Guard: In Defense of Authorship’; Shaul Shaked: Principal Publications.
Publication Date: 2019
Language(s): English
ISBN / ISSN: 978-965-208-232-9
Pages: 200   Trim size (cm): 15 × 24   Binding: Cloth