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Welcome to the Israel Academy

The Academy's goals are to enlist as its members distinguished scholars and scientists resident in Israel; to cultivate and promote scholarly and scientific endeavor; to advise the government on activities relating to research and scientific planning of national significance; to maintain contact with parallel bodies abroad; to ensure the representation of Israeli scholarship and science at international institutions and conferences; to publish writings calculated to promote scholarship and science and to engage in any other activity calculated to serve the aforesaid objectives.
YouTube Channel
A selection of recent and past lectures, conferences and events held at the Academy can be found on our YouTube Channel
YouTube Channel
Recently published: The Academy's Annual Report (in Hebrew), Igeret Magazine and various reports and books
Upcoming Events
As part of its role “to nurture and support academic activity”, the Academy regularly hosts lectures and conferences.
Calendar of Events
Contact Center
Information about the "Contact Center", which aims to help Israeli researchers find positions in the Israeli Academia
The Contact Center
The young Academy
Joining a global trend, the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities has established a Young Academy.
The Young Academy
Dear Readers,
The English version of the Academy's website is currently being updated. You will soon find the most recent information about The Academy's activities and projects, ongoing events and lectures, a list of the Academy's distinguished members and its International Relations initiatives.
We hope for your understanding at this time.
The Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities
Website Team
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