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Office of the President and the Director

Prof. David Harel President 972-2-5676204
Ms. Galia Finzi Director 972-2-5676204
Yardena Dahan Head of Office, Office of the President and the Director 972-2-5676204

Finance and Administration Department

Yoav Taubman Deputy Director for Finance and Administration 972-2-5676210
Dganit Azar Manager, Human Resources 972-2-5676230
Elena Ioffe Accountant 972-2-5676226
Alla Badalian Bookkeeper 972-2-5676229

The Sciences Division

Dr. Yael Ben Haim Manager, Sciences Division 972-2-5676220
Aviva Levy Administrative Coordinator 972-2-5676256

The Humanities Division

Sima Daniel Manager, Humanities Division 972-2-5676255
Ziva Dekel Administrative Coordinator 972-2-5676209
Dr. Sarah Cohen The Ezra Fleischer Geniza Research Project for Hebrew Poetry 972-54-2111339

International Division

Dr. Neta Peretz Head, International Division 972-2-5676221
Ruth Hasson International Relations Coordinator 972-2-5676253

Public Relations Department

Naama Shilony Head of Department 972-2-5676206
Yossi Schweig Content and Media Manager 972-2-5676236

Special Projects

Batsheva Shor Manager 972-2-5676207
Meira Brandwein Manager 972-2-5024555
Shai Shiloh Student 972-2-5024556

Israel Young Academy

Yael Hassid-Isakov
972-2-5676205צור קשר

Publications Department

Tali Amir Head of Department & Chief Editor 972-2-5676208
Deborah Greniman Senior Editor, English-Language Publications 972-2-5676219
Rita Siltsoff Marketing and Distribution 972-2-5676233
Yehuda Greenbaum Production 972-2-5676258
Report on the State of the Sciences in Israel    
Dr. Yarden Niv Project Coordinator 972-2-5676201

Maintenance and purchasing

Michael Zagoury Maintenance Manager 972-2-5676200
Cochi Mymaran Coordinator, Maintenance and Housekeeping 972-2-5676240
Yossi Aflalo Assistant, Maintenance and Equipment 972-2-5676239
Gil Niedemeyer Assistant 972-2-5676248
Michal Cohen Housekeeping staff 972-2-5676235
Orly Dahan Housekeeping staff 972-2-5676235


Yaakov Rothmann System Administrator 972-2-5676211


Rivka Gavriel Archivist 972-2-5676224