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Publications by the Israel Academy (Photo: Israel Academy)
The mandate of the Israel Academy includes the publication of writings calculated to promote scholarship and science. Titles are selected on the basis of academic merit by an interdisciplinary Publications Committee composed of Academy members.
In the Humanities, the Academy publishes monographs, multi-authored volumes and lectures of lasting worth in history, religion, philosophy, literature, linguistics, art and other areas. Many publications are critical editions of manuscripts and other basic source texts in Judaica and related fields.
In the natural sciences, the Academy publishes authoritative compilations on the fauna, flora and geology of the region and surveys of environmental issues. The Academy's role of advising the government on matters relating to research and scientific planning comes to expression in a series of publications on science policy.
Many of the lectures delivered at events held by the Academy are published in the Proceedings of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities.
For a full listing of the Israel Academy's scholarly publications, see the Online Catalogue.
For further information, please contact:
Publications Department
The Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities
POB 4040
Jerusalem 91040
Tel.: (+972 2) / (02) 5676233;
Fax: (+972) / (02) 5666059;