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International conference on Martin Buber and His Legacy

Date & Time: Monday-Tuesday January 23-24, 2023
The Academy held an international conference on January 23–24 on the subject of “Martin Buber and His Legacy.” Buber, for whom the dialogical approach was a guiding principle, served as the first President of The Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities. He endeavored to enhance scientific research through a multidisciplinary approach that combined the natural and exact sciences with the humanities.
The conference, led by Academy Member Prof. Jonathan Meir, celebrated the publication of the definitive 21-volume collection of his writings and philosophy, a joint project of the University of Düsseldorf and The Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities. 
Watch videos from the first day of the conference, January 23, 2023:
Watch videos from the second day of the conference, January 24, 2023: