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Ensuring Water Safety in a Changing Climate by Enhanced Water and Wastewater Treatment | A bilateral workshop with the Royal Society

A bilateral workshop of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities and the Royal Society was held in Chicheley Hall, England, on March 24-26, 2019, on the subject of Water Treatment.
The workshop was the third in a bilateral series between the two academies, sponsored by the Kohn Foundation, and was headed by Academy Member Prof. Gedeon Dagan, Prof. Avner Adin of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and Prof. David Graham of Newcastle University, UK. Greetings were delivered by Sir John Skehel, Vice-President and Biological Secretary of The Royal Society, who fondly remembered the late Sir Ralph Kohn and acknowledged his support for advancing scientific relations between Israel and the UK.
Thirty participants attended the workshop, including a delegation of 10 Israeli scientists and 4 early-career researchers, who presented posters. Speakers discussed a wide range of topics pertaining to water and wastewater treatment in the UK and Israel, including how to ensure a sustainable supply of clean water; micro pollutants and water quality; climate change impact on urban water treatment; and new insights into membrane fouling and water fingerprinting.
In the photo: Participants of the bilateral workshop on Water Safety, Chicheley Hall, England, March 2019
In the photo: Poster session during the bilateral workshop on Water Safety, Chicheley Hall, England, March 2019
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