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Executive Director of the Royal Society Visits the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities

On June 11, 2023, the Executive Director of the UK’s Royal Society, Dame Julie Maxton, visited the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities together with Laura Wilton, Head of International Affairs - Europe and Asia at the Royal Society, as part of a two-day visit, hosted by Prof. David Harel. During the visit to the Academy, they were joined by Former President of the Israel Academy Prof. Nili Cohen, Chairperson of Humanities Division Prof. Sergiu Hart, Director of the Israel Academy Galia Finzi, and Head of International Relations at the Israel Academy Dr. Neta Peretz.
The Royal Society and the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities have been cooperating since 2015 in a bilateral program under which leading scientists in the United Kingdom and in Israel collaborate for the mutual benefit of the scientific communities of the two countries. The purpose of this visit was to explore how the relationship between the two Academies can continue to develop and flourish.
Left to right: Laura Wilton, Prof. David Harel, Dame Julie Maxton, Prof. Nili Cohen, Prof. Sergiu Hart, Dr. Neta Peretz and Galia finzi