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June 26 | The 2023 Ruth Arnon Postdoctoral Fellowships Awarding Ceremony


On Monday, June 26th at the Academy Ruth Arnon Postdoctoral Fellowships for 2023 were awarded to Dr. Gali Noti and Dr. Aseel Shomar. They received their certificates personally from Prof. Arnon. The Ruth Arnon Fellowships are awarded yearly to women who graduate with honors from the Adams Fellowships (a fellowship program for doctoral students). Professor Arnon, former Academy President, established her fellowship fund to assist excellent young women scientists in funding their post-docs abroad, encouraging them to continue to this crucial stage to advance their scientific careers. Dr. Gali Noti is going to study computer science and Dr. Aseel Shomar is going for her postdoctoral training in computational biology, both in the United States. At the ceremony, Prof. Rivka Bekenstein, the first awardee of the Ruth Arnon Fellowships, explained the importance the fellowship held for her and described the research she is conducting today at the Racah Institute of Physics of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Academy member Prof. Moses Arnon, Academy member Prof. Ruth Arnon, Dr. Gali Noti and Academy President Prof. David Harel.

Academy member Prof. Moses Arnon, Academy member Prof. Ruth Arnon, Dr. Gali Noti and Academy President Prof. David Harel.