Thank you for standing with us
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Thank you for standing with us

In light of the recent horrendous terror attacks, the outpouring of support and solidarity that we have received in the last few days from fellow scientific academies and international partners has been a profound source of encouragement.
We at the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities are deeply moved by each and every message of support and every gesture that underscores the unity and resilience of the global scientific and academic community.
Some of the victims and a significant number of Israeli soldiers, currently called to reserve service, are members of the Israeli research community and these acts of international camaraderie remind us that we are part of a larger endeavor, one that thrives on collaboration and shared aspirations, even in the most challenging and devastating of times.
We are not only preserving the spirit of scientific and academic collaboration but also nurturing a deep hope for more peaceful times ahead.
Thank you for standing with us.