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Religious Responses to Modernity

Contents: Simon Gerber, ‘The Rise and decline of Protestant Rationalism’; Johannes Zachhuber, ‘Individual and Community in Modern Debates about Religion and Secularism’; Jonathan Garb, ‘The Conversion of the Jews: Identity as Ontology in Modern Kabbalah’; Rivka Feldhay, ‘Catholic Europe and Sixteenth-Century Science: A Path to Modernity?’; Paul Mendes-Flohr, ‘Jewish Intellectuals on the Chimera of Progress: Walter Benjamin, Martin Buber and Leo Strauss’; Israel Gershoni, ‘Depoliticization and denationalization of Religion: Aḥmad Luṭfī al-Sayyid and the Relocation of Islam in Modern Life’; Christoph Schmidt, ‘Socrates against Christ? A Theological Critique of Michel Foucault’s Philosophy of Parrhesia’.
Distributed by De Gruyter, Berlin
Publication Date: 2021
Language(s): English
ISBN / ISSN: 978-311-072-389-2
Pages: 150   Trim size (cm): 16 × 23.5   Binding: Hard