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Past events

Guest lecture by Dr. Irving Finkel

from the British Museum: New Light on the Babylonian Exile took place on Monday, February 22nd 2010, at the Academy

Annual Conference of the Adams Fellowships Program

Took place on Monday, January 18, 2009 at the Academy

Guest Lecturer by Prof. Iris Parush
Writing, Gender and the Benefit of Marginality

Took place on Tuesday, January 12th  2010, at the Academy

Religious Movements and Transformations in Judaism, Christianity and Islam

 an International Conference will take place Tuesday through Thursday, January 5-7, 2010    at the Academy

Guest Lecture by Prof. James Russell
A 19th-Century Sephardic Jew’s Armenian Book of Magic

Took place on Sunday, December 20 2009, at the Academy 
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