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Report on the State of the Sciences in Israel, 2022

The 2010 amendment to The Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities Law (1961) obliges the Academy to submit a triennial report to the government and to the Knesset on the state of the sciences in Israel. The 2022 report, like its predecessors, surveys the state of the sciences in the country with an emphasis on basic research, pointing to achievements, gaps and challenges. It offers recommendations for addressing the gaps and meeting the challenges, for the sake of shoring up and advancing science and research in Israel.
A dedicated committee worked for two years on preparing the report, with six subcommittees devoted to examining selected topics or areas. The twenty-three committee members, all senior scholars in a variety of scientific fields, met with dozens of officials in Israel’s systems of higher education and scientific research. The chapters of the report present the committees’ conclusions, each focusing on two or three issues of especial importance – though not necessarily the only ones – to the advancement of research in the field under discussion, and offering recommendations for strengthening the field.