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Postdoctoral Fellowships in Nuclear Physics

The goal of the postdoctoral fellowships in nuclear physics established by The Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities is to expand and enhance academic excellence in this discipline in Israel. The fellowships are intended for outstanding young researchers interested in going abroad for postdoctoral training in nuclear physics at a leading foreign institution, for whom this will be their first postdoctoral training abroad. The fellowship for the 2022–2023 academic year totals NIS 160,000 and is awarded for one year of study abroad, to be devoted entirely to nuclear physics research. Awardees may ask for the grant to be dispensed over the course of two years.
Candidates who meet the following criteria may submit applications:
  • Permanent resident of Israel
  • Holder of a Ph.D. in physics earned after March 1, 2019, from an Israeli institute of higher education who has not yet had a postdoctoral position abroad, or a student currently writing a doctoral dissertation and expecting to receive the degree prior to June 1, 2022
Documents to be submitted:
Two files to be sent, a single Word document and a single PDF document, each containing all of the following, in the specified order:
  1. Application form (available for downloading here).
  2. Copy of Israeli identity card.
  3. CV and list of publications. (CV format may be downloaded here, please send the CV only in this format).
  4. A list of articles based on the candidate’s doctoral dissertation; if they are still unpublished; please attach them.
  5. Two letters of recommendation (one of them from the candidate’s dissertation supervisor), to be sent directly by the writers to Dr. Yael Ben Haim (at
  6. A letter from the academic host at the institution where the postdoctorate will take place, confirming that the student has been accepted for postdoctoral work in her/his group and setting out the research program to be carried out in his/her lab.
  7. The proposed research program for the postdoctoral training (up to three pages).
Deadline for submission of applications:
Thursday, March 10, 2022
Selection of Recipients:
The applications will be reviewed by a committee of the Israel Academy on the basis of scientific excellence. The Academy will notify applicants directly of its decision by May 1, 2022
Applicants please note:
The Academy will inform the postdoctoral academic host of the terms of the fellowship. The fellowship recipient undertakes not to do any other work for the duration of the fellowship. However, recipients may accept a grant from another source for an annual amount of up to $40,000, provided that the researcher devotes all of her/his time to the research project in nuclear physics.
  • Candidates who have received grants exceeding $40,000 from other sources are not eligible for a grant from the Academy. Candidates are asked to inform the Academy when and if they are awarded grants from other sources.
  • The fellowship recipient undertakes to send Dr. Yael Ben Haim an annual report detailing the progress of the research project.
  • The postdoctoral studies must commence between June 1, 2022 and December 31, 2022. (Due to the current worldwide pandemic situation, the deadline for beginning the fellowship may be extended, subject to approval by the Israeli Academy of Sciences).
  • The grant is intended only for a first postdoctoral training abroad.
  • Researchers who have completed a postdoctoral training abroad or doctoral students studying abroad are not eligible to apply.
  • Researchers holding permanent positions at Israeli universities are not eligible to apply.
How to apply; contact for further inquiries:
Applications should be emailed  to: 
Dr. Yael Ben Haim, Secretary, Sciences Division
Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities
Additional information and inquiries: tel. 02-567-6220