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Dr. Ori Katz

Ori Katz graduated summa cum laude in law and psychology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Upon graduation, he clerked for Supreme Court Justice Hanan Melcer and was admitted to the Israel Bar Association in June 2015. He also received rabbinical ordination from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel.
Ori received his PhD in law in March 2020. His dissertation, entitled “Legal Attitudes and Decision-Making in Contract Law,” was written under the supervision of Professor Eyal Zamir at the Hebrew University. Among Ori’s research interests are contract law, behavioral law and economics, and empirical legal studies. He has published in prestigious journals, including The American Journal of Comparative Law and Law & Social Inquiry, and he has presented at a number of international conferences.
As a doctoral candidate, Ori served as a teaching assistant and instructor for courses in a range of legal fields, including Contracts, Property Law, Law and Society, and Law and Economics. He also practiced as a prosecutor in student disciplinary proceedings and was a member of the revision committee for disciplinary regulations.
Ori has been awarded the Hebrew University’s Law Faculty Research Fellow Scholarship, the Kaye Einstein Scholarship, the Joanna Friedlander Prize, and several research grants from the Aharon Barak Center for Interdisciplinary Legal Research.
In Fall 2020, Ori will begin his postdoctoral research under the supervision of Professor Doron Teichman and Professor Ilana Ritov. He will continue to explore the influence of attitudes toward contract law on judicial decisions.