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Genetic Research

Genetic research is basic or medical-applied/clinical research aimed at learning the roles of genes in different traits and at examining the causes, transfer, betterment, elimination, and improvement of genetic conditions and traits. The main fields of genetic research are genetic testing, gene therapy, reproductive genomics, genetic databases, and pharmacogenetics. Genetic research plays a central role in the diagnosis and treatment of genetic disorders, infectious diseases, and chronic illnesses, in the identification of potential targets for therapeutic intervention, and in understanding how genetic-based difference influences different reactions to therapeutic intervention.


Selected ethical issues:
  • Informed consent to participate in studies.
  • Providing access for underrepresented populations to participate in studies.
  • Social stigmatization.
  • Protecting participants’ privacy and medical confidentiality.
  • The right not to know genetic information.
  • (Non-)disclosure of incidental findings to participants.