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Dr. Arturo Rodríguez Fanlo

Arturo Rodríguez Fanlo was born in 1995 in Madrid, Spain. He received his B.A. in mathematics and his M.A. in  mathematics and applications in 2017 and 2018, respectively, from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. For his bachelor's and master's theses, he began studying model theory (mathematical logic) under the supervision of Professor Margarita Otero. He completed his Ph.D. in model theory in 2022 under the supervision of Professor Ehud Hrushovski at the University of Oxford. His dissertation, entitled “Model Theory and Rough Approximate Subgroups,” studies some applications of pure model theory, mainly stability theory, to additive combinatorics in metric groups.
Rodríguez Fanlo is currently a postdoctoral researcher at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, mentored by Professor Itay Kaplan and sponsored by The Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities and the Israel Council for Higher Education. His current research focus is on pure model theory and its applications to group theory and combinatorics.