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Dr. Guo Xiang

Guo Xiang received his Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from Chongqing University (China) in 2020. His doctoral work focused on general tribology modelling for tribo-components, such as advanced water-lubricated bearings in high-precision gear, and since then he has extended his research in the field of mechanical system dynamics at Chongqing University. Xiang will start his postdoctoral research in October 2022 in the group of Prof. Izhak Etsion in the College of Mechanical Engineering at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.
Xiang’s research interest is in revealing the transient coupling relationship between mixed lubrication, sliding wear and dynamic behaviors, mainly using a self-developed calculating procedure in which the finite difference, finite element and variational methods are used. His work is expected to guide the innovative design of advanced core basic parts from a tribology perspective. Recently he has been working on the novel water-lubricated journal/thrust bearing used in rim-driven thrusters. His postdoctoral research will focus on general wear simulation between two mating surfaces, using the discrete element or finite element method, with the goal of developing a general method to accurately predict the multiscale behaviors of friction and wear between two mating surfaces. He will continue working on the role of lubrication mechanics, heat transfer, and microscale deformation on wear modelling. A further important topic is advancement of the updated general wear model in the engineering field.