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Dr. Sourav Biswas


Dr. Sourav Biswas is currently working as a postdoctoral fellow at the Tokyo University of Science in Tokyo, Japan. His research interest relates to the synthesis of nanomaterials and finding their potential applications. He has already worked with various nanomaterials, including conducting and magnetic nanoparticles, quantum-dots, and atom-precise metal nanoclusters. 
Dr. Biswas earned his PhD in Chemistry form the National Institute of Technology in Durgapur, India where his thesis focused on two aspects of materials science: chemistry of nanofabrication with subsequent functionalization and the characterization and study of the physical characteristics of polymer materials before and after incorporation of modified nanomaterials. During his PhD, Dr. Biswas visited the Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, France and worked there for six months as part of the prestigious Raman-Chrapak fellowship program. After completing his doctoral degree, he joined the Indian Institute of Science, Education and Research in Thiruvananthapuram, India as a National Postdoctoral Fellow where he explored various silver and copper nanoclusters.
Hosted by Prof. Raz Jelinek at Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Dr. Biswas aims to focus on designing different nanoclusters and studying the applicability of photo-generated charge carriers to charge supercapacitors by placing them in a preferred manner to minimize losses. The anticipated successful completion of this research will provide an important foundation for developing new strategies for the fabrication of photo-rechargeable compact electronic devices.