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Dr. Umberto Borla

After completing a BSc at the University of Turin in his hometown in Italy, Dr. Umberto Borla moved to Sweden to complete a MSc in theoretical high energy physics at Uppsala University. He then gradually turned his attention to the field of condensed matter and moved to the Technical University of Munich (TUM) to pursue a PhD under the supervision of Prof. Sergej Moroz. After graduating with a cum laude distinction in December 2022, he started working as a postdoctoral researcher at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, collaborating with the groups of Dr. Erez Zohar and Dr. Snir Gazit.
The main focus of his doctoral studies was using lattice gauge theories, theoretical models which can be used to describe exotic topological phases of quantum matter and defy well established paradigms of modern physics. In addition to being of primary relevance to condensed matter systems, this area of research has deep ties with the fields of quantum information and quantum simulation, paving the way for multidisciplinary collaborations.
With a combination of numerical and analytical techniques, Dr. Borla investigates ground state phase diagrams and dynamics of many body quantum systems, trying to unveil their most inaccessible features. During his time at the Hebrew University, he is seeking to complement these investigations with novel computational methods. Dr. Borla is actively working to explore the applications of low dimensional lattice gauge theories in relation to condensed matter and high energy systems alike, with the goal of discovering unexplored connections between the two disciplines.