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Dr. Alice Raw

Dr Alice Raw is a historian of late medieval gender and sexuality. She came to Oxford in 2013 and then proceeded to complete master’s and doctorate degrees in Medieval History. Dr. Raw taught at several Oxford colleges during her postdoctoral research, including Corpus Christi, Worcester and Oriel. Most recently, she held a lectureship at St. John’s College, Oxford with a focus on gender and sexuality.
Dr. Raw’s doctoral work examined ideas of medieval consent and pleasure, bringing multiple methodologies together to examine where we might find sexual subjectivity of women in later medieval England. This research in now in preparation for publication as a monograph titled, Reading for Pleasure: Women’s Sexuality in Later Medieval England. Her work on sexuality centers the household as a site of education, communication, care, and social reproduction. Her principal publications include ‘Margaret of Anjou and the Language of Praise and Censure’ (Fifteenth Century XVII, 2020) which explored the fractured quality of the common voice where Henry VI’s Queen was concerned, and ‘Gender and Protest in Later Medieval England, c.1400-1550’ (English Historical Review, 2021) which demonstrated that women revolted in later medieval England. Dr. Raw has also been published in Studies in The Age of Chaucer and The Ricardian.
Dr. Raw’s new project, 'Whose Commune?' utilizes a large-scale examination of civic and manor records to map the methods of complaint available to women, with and without revolt, and their conceptual place in the political community of later medieval England.